Thinking About Whistleblowing? Is whistleblowing something you do intentionally OR can it happen just because you are telling the truth to a supervisor? What does it mean to be a whistleblower? What kinds of things should someone think about when whistleblowing?
Legal Protections for Whistleblowers Many laws protect whistleblowers: local, state, and federal. Some laws have 30 day time limits, others are 3 years or more. Administrative agencies often investigate claims. Some laws, like the False Claims Act qui tam provisions, require a lawyer.
How Do I Know If I Am a Whistleblower? Whistleblowers care about the public interest. Blowing the whistle means telling the press, elected officials, or law enforcement about wrongdoing affecting taxpayers or a large community. Whistleblowing is a matter of justice and doing what is right.
False Claims Act Qui Tam Law What is the False Claims Act " Qui Tam " law all about? How does it work?
What Constitutes a False Claims Act Violation? False Claims Act violations prohibit cheating the Government by financial fraud. Fraudsters may use false documents, fail to be truthful, and otherwise do not provide the Government with the money or goods to which the Government is legally entitled.
What is False Claims Act Health Care and Pharmaceutical Fraud? Health Care and Pharmaceutical Fraud is overcharging for medical services and drugs, marketing pharmaceuticals in violation of FDA or anti-kickback laws, and unlawfully billing Medicare, Medicaid, and federal health care programs.
What is False Claims Act Procurement and Pricing Fraud? Typical Procurement and Pricing Fraud occurs when the Federal Government buys from fraudulent contractors that bill for work not peformed, overcharge, deliver shoddy products, and falsely promise the GSA that the Government will get the best prices.
Who Can Sue and Be Sued Under the False Claims Act? Who can sue under the False Claims Act? Can organizations bring a lawsuit? What about unions? Do you have to be a resident of the United States or a U.S. Citizen? What Government contractors and grant recipients can be sued under the False Claims Act?
What Special and Unique Legal Requirements Apply to False Claims Act Cases? The False Claims Act is unique in American law. How do you prove a violation? What special provisions affect success? Who can sue, be sued, and win? How do False Claims Act plaintiffs (“relators”) satisfy the Act's special requirements?
False Claims Act Damages and Financial Recoveries What amount can a False Claims Act whistleblower recover as a reward for bringing a lawsuit? How does the law determine what the damages are for the United States?
The False Claims Act Government Intervention Issue What is Department of Justice (government) intervention? What does it mean? Is intervention by the government a good thing to happen? Why do whistleblowers want intervention?
What Does the SEC Whistleblower Statute Cover? The federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblower statute provides whistleblowers with workplace anti-retaliation protections and a financial bounty for disclosing corporate fraud by publicly traded companies.
How Does the IRS Whistleblower Statute Work? The federal IRS [Internal Revenue Service] tax whistleblower statute financially rewards individuals providing "tips" to the IRS about tax evasion or fraud, IF a claim is timely filed. IRS whistleblower cases are highly secret.
Whistleblower Protections Under Federal and State Law Hundreds of laws protect whistleblowers under federal and state law. Most protect employees. A few--the False Claims Act, SEC andIRS whistleblower, and similar state laws, provide whistleblowers with a share of the money recovered from fraudsters.
Finding and Consulting With a Whistleblower Lawyer Finding an appropriate lawyer you can work with to explore your legal rights and pursue a claim will take some research and work. Has the lawyer handled your type of case before? With what results? Do you feel comfortable with the lawyer?
Murphy Anderson Lawyers Fighting Big Pharma Kickbacks to Doctors Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Agrees To Pay $103 Million For Medicare Pharmaceutical Fraud False Claims Act Whistleblower Settlement Alleges Japanese-Owned Avanir Paid Doctors to Write Unnecessary Prescriptions for Neudexta Avanir Pharmaceuticals will pay ...

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