Ann Lugbill of the Murphy Anderson law firm offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Washington, D.C. and her partners and colleagues have represented dozens of False Claims Act, IRS tax and SEC whistleblowers located all over the United States, from Maine to Florida and west to California--but most in Ohio.  Many cases involved foreign locations or citizens of other countries. Below are a few of the more interesting and successful matters in which Ann Lugbill and, more recently, Murphy Anderson PLLC lawyers George Murphy, Michael T. Anderson, Joni Jacobs, Mark Hanna, and Lorrie Bradley have been counsel.

United States ex rel Manieri v. Avanir, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio (Akron, Lioi, J.) Pharmaceutical kickback fraud, alleging speakers fees used as kickbacks to entice doctors, including Dr. Deepak Raheja of Cleveland, Ohio, to write prescriptions for Nuedexta, approved by the FDA for treating a rare condition, known as PBA. CNN has invest... 09/26/2019
United States ex rel v. Novo Nordisk (D. D.C.) DOJ Announces that Novo Nordisk Agrees to Pay $58 Million for Failure to Comply with FDA-Mandated Risk Program 09/05/2017 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Novo Nordisk Inc. pays $58.65 million to resolve allegations that the company failed to comply with the F... 09/05/2017
United States ex rel. Rudolph v. Tremco, Inc. (District of Columbia) Ohio roofing company executive Greg Rudolph brought this $ 61 million case, claiming his former employer violated the False Claims Act's prohibition on false claims submitted under GSA purchasing rules. The United States Department of Justice settled ... 06/19/2014
United States ex rel. Jones v. Corning, Inc. (District of Columbia) The Murphy Anderson PLLC law firm, led by attorney Mark Hanna and assisted by Ann Lugbill, pursued this GSA pricing fraud case on behalf of a Pennsylvania whistleblower, alleging violations of the GSA Pricing Schedule rules that require the federal govern... 06/05/2014
United States ex rel. Root v. UCB, Inc. (District of Columbia) New England native Brian Root filed this qui tam action against his former employer, a Belgian pharmaceutical company. The 2011 settlement totaled over $ 25 million. Relator Root reported that UCB was marketing the drug Keppra for uses not approved by the... 06/05/2014
United States ex rel. Taxpayers Against Fraud and Chester L. Walsh v. General Electric Co. (S.D. Ohio) Whistleblower Chet Walsh blew the whistle on a General Electric Company fraud scheme perpetrated under the U.S. foreign military aid program by an Israeli general, later convicted of bribery, accepting kickbacks, and other crimes. In 1992, a Cincinnati ju... 06/05/2014
United States ex rel. DeMott v. Pfizer, Inc. (D. Mass.) Ann Lugbill, Mark Hanna, and Lorrie Bradley represented Pfizer senior sales representative Glenn DeMott of Columbus, Ohio. The $ 2.3 billion Pfizer settlement is the largest civil False Claims Act settlement ever. As a former employee who held a graduate ... 06/05/2014
United States ex rel. Gravitt v. General Electric Co. (S.D. Ohio) Whistleblowing pioneer Jack Gravitt's case was filed by Ann Lugbill in October 1984 in Cincinnati, reporting time card cheating at the General Electric Aircraft Engine plant in suburban Cincinnati. A machinist by trade, as a foreman at the plant, the ... 06/04/2014
United States ex rel. Pedicone v. Mazak Corp. (S.D. Ohio) Fred Pedicone's "Buy America" case brought claims against Japanese manufacturer Mazak, alleging that sophisticated Japanese computer-controlled machine tools were unlawfully sold to the Government in violation of law, falsely claiming that t... 06/04/2014
United States ex rel. Johnson v. General Electric Co. (S.D. Ohio) Ann Lugbill's client, GE aeronautics engineer Ian Johnson, formerly a Rolls Royce electrical engineer from the United Kingdom, filed a False Claims Act qui tam case alleging inadequate wiring insulation in certain General Electric Company (GE) aircraf... 06/04/2014
United States ex rel. Roby v. The Boeing Co. (S.D. Ohio) Ann Lugbill investigated and filed the False Claims Act lawsuit for Arkansas quality control inspector Brett Roby. The claims against Roby's employer and Boeing, the prime contractor, resulted in a settlement of $65 million. Mr. Roby blew the whistle ... 06/04/2014
United States ex rel. Johnson v. Shell Oil Co. (E.D. Texas) The Big Oil False Claims Act Settlements, including $ 168 million paid by Shell and $ 84 million paid by ExxonMobil, totalled over $ 735 million. Ann Lugbill served as part of a team of lawyers, primarily from Texas, Alabama, and Ohio, challenging "B... 06/04/2014
United States ex rel. Roy v. Anthony (S.D. Ohio, Cincinnati) In this early health care fraud case, Ann Lugbill and her colleagues filed a ground-breaking False Claims Act complaint. The Roy medical kickback case alleged that the corporate structure and ownership of a sophisticated medical imaging business violated ... 06/04/2014
United States ex rel. McCoyd v. Abbott Laboratories (W.D. Virginia) Ann Lugbill served as one of the original lawyers for Georgia Relator McCoyd, prior to joining the Murphy Anderson law firm. Ann was part of a team of lawyers who prepared the complaint and met with the Government during its civil and criminal investigati... 05/18/2014

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