Murphy Anderson: A Law Firm for Whistleblowers

Murphy Anderson is a law firm representing workers, unions, and qui tam relators and whistleblowers.

We practice False Claims Act, labor, employment, whistleblower, and First Amendment law. We are proud to represent whistleblowers who report wrongdoing under the SEC, IRS, and CFTC laws. We are experienced, creative advocates with a strong commitment to free speech, community service, and access to justice. We have a specialized practice . We are frequently called upon by law firms to assist in complex or specialized cases and in federal appellate work. We have offices in Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, Ohio, and Boston, Massachusetts. Murphy Anderson lawyers travel extensively to represent our clients.

Murphy Anderson PLLC lawyers make it a priority to return your call or email promptly

We recognize how important your time is. We will do our best to answer your questions and address your concerns. Whistleblowers and False Claims Act qui tam clients often have complex situations that require a lawyer's advice and counsel quickly, making prompt communications so very important.

Murphy Anderson lawyers are very good at in-depth legal research and application of complex law to our clients' situations.

We know that in most of our clients' cases, the factual information that our clients have is critical to their success as a whistleblower. We spend many hours with our whistleblower clients to understand the facts they know and to help them better organize the information relating to their whistleblowing. We literally roll up our sleeves and dig into the facts so that we fully understand the fraud schemes our clients report to us and to the government.

Murphy Anderson lawyers are very good at helping clients convey their facts and information to the right government agencies and lawyers--in language that everyone understands.

We may meet with our clients many times in person. We call them frequently to be absolutely certain all the important facts are known and explained to the Government. We spend many hours of time writing and editing the critical legal documents that explain the facts to the responsible Government agencies and investigators. We want our clients' whistleblowing to be perfectly understood by the busy government lawyers who work on False Claims Act qui tam, IRS, and SEC whistleblower matters.

Murphy Anderson lawyers are human; we have families and children, like our clients do. We know the pressure that whistleblowers experience, balancing work, family, and whistleblowing.

We understand that litigation and whistleblowing can be stressful. We do our best to provide legal services in a way that helps whistleblowers persevere. We share information with our clients regularly, to keep them fully informed of case developments.

Murphy Anderson's ultimate goal is to be sure that the facts and the law are fully explained to the Government and the courts when our courageous whistleblower clients choose to blow the whistle on fraud, waste, abuse, and financial misdeeds.

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